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August 6, 2020

Alex was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital yesterday due to catheter malfunction. Doctor believes that Alex had a growth spurt so the limbs of the catheter are not reaching where they should. They will attempt to rewire or replace but keep it on the same side. My uncle stayed with him overnight so I could be with baby brother. My cousin left treats to lift my spirits.

He is headed off to surgery this morning. Spoke with him on the phone and asked him to be strong for me. He says, “mom, I’ve already done this a bunch of times.” I say okay. I guess I’m the one that needs to be strong. I tell him I love him. He loves me too. Kisses over the phone and see you on the other side.

Gosh this is exhausting.

Update: Alex is out of surgery and everything went well. Alex is still asleep and moving to the recovery room.

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