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August 7, 2020

Alex was discharged yesterday evening after a successful surgery and a 2 hour dialysis treatment. Uncle Mark treated him to lunch before returning him home. He woke up today pretty sore and said out loud, ” Ooooof it’s been a couple of months since I had surgery”.

Today a very generous and special person gifted Alex with a beautiful guitar, amp, cable, picks and pair of headphones. He shared he was gifted one when he became ill as a child and is paying it forward. Here is a picture of Alex trying it out. It’s been a while since he played with the rock band at his school. He got frustrated pretty easily this evening so I reminded him that with a lot of practice and some faith in himself he’ll playing songs in no time.

He told me, “I may not look it on the outside, but I’m really excited on the inside. I’m going to pay it forward to another kid one day.”

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