July 29, 2020

It has been close to 11 months since Alexander was first admitted to the hospital for respiratory and kidney failure due to the rare genetic disease X-Linked Alport Syndrome. We have put our faith in our medical community, our friends and our family. While we have not yet had a match for a living donor, we have remained hopeful. Covid put a halt to the process for a while; however, today we received notification Alexander is going to go from inactive status to active status on the deceased donor list.

This is due to all our hard work and perseverance.100% attendance to dialysis treatment, labs have been consistently on track, self esteem is improving. We have an amazing team.

We’ve been activated y’all! One step closer to transplant!

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How Can You Help?

Like and Follow Our Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/adonorforalex/

Be A Living Donor: https://hartfordhospital.org/…/living-donor-referral-form

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