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May 18, 2020

UPDATE: It’s been a while since we posted an update. I like to think in our situation that no news is good news. We welcome the calm after so many emotional hospital visits at the beginning of this year. Alex had some trouble with his catheter again recently but x-rays showed that placement is as it should be and with the clotbuster medicine they were able to get things going smoothly again.

We got a letter in the mail confirming he has finally made it to the list to be a donor recipient. He is currently listed as inactive. There are additional steps to get him ready to be active on the transplant but at least now he can start accruing time to get him closer.

The other day Alexander picked a dandelion. He wished for a kidney. Then told me he was worried he might never get one. He is starting to express himself more. Therapy seems to be helping.

We appreciate all of our family, friends and followers. Thank you for sharing our posts. Together we will #FindADonorForAlex

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