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October 1, 2020

My son Alex was admitted to the hospital again yesterday. During his dialysis treatment, he spiked a fever, had chills, a headache and some vomiting. His fever broke last night and is on antibiotics to fight whatever infection he has. I left the hospital around midnight to get back home to his little brothers and got up early to present a FAFSA workshop to our Juniors. My uncle will spend the night with Alex to give me a break. We hope to find a donor soon. We are active on the deceased donor list for a kidney.

He says the best gift he could receive would be a kidney for his birthday. He realized he will probably be dialysis on his milestone birthday. He turns 13 on October 28th. If you or anyone you know is interested in being a living donor for my sweet boy, you can get more information here:…/living-donor-referral-form

It takes a village and I am surrounded with love and support. I am forever grateful. Please tag and share widely.

October 4 Update: Praise God. The infection cleared. Alex is coming home.

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