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September 10, 2019 9:00am

Day 2 at PICU this morning.

It’s 9am and Alexander is on dialysis. His electrolytes have improved. He needs a warming blanket with all the fluids entering his body causing him to feel cold and shiver. He continues to be on a ventilator but is taking breaths on his own. The machine is making sure he is taking at least a certain number of breaths.

He communicates using a letter board while one of us writes on a dry erase board. It takes him a little long to find the letters on the board. We joke that the letter board is not in qwerty format. He rolls his eyes and we laugh. I ask if he wants me to read to him and his eyes get wide and he shakes his head no. I ask him if he wants to listen to music. He nods yes. I go to one of the many stations he created while taking over my Pandora account. He enjoys listening to Panic! At the Disco and is using one of my Samsung Wireless ear buds. He uses hand motions to ask me to increase/decrease the volume.

There is a butterfly painted on a ceiling panel above his bed.

The team will be meeting soon for an update.


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