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September 11, 2019 4:34pm

Taking a moment to reflect and share an update while Alexander rests. We hit our goals today and nibbled on some lunch. Our food critic says the soup needed adobo, the burger needed cheese and the bread of the tuna salad sandwich was hard. He did eat the lemon italian ice in it’s entirety without complaint.

The physical therapist helped Alex sit up on the bed and then onto the chair. Goal was 30 minutes of sitting. I noticed him looking a little downtrodden after seeing the Foley bag and IV lines all around him. I will not let this consume him. I challenged him to a game of chess. He perked up with that familiar sly smile.

“Game on, mom.”

“Oh yea? Bring it.”

Major trash talk ensued while we played Guns and Roses and Queen on YouTube. Nurses and doctors looked on; grateful to see his smile and hear something other than lullabies on the floor.

We played 2 games. Total sitting time? 1hr and 25 minutes.

Doc comes by and asks who won. It was a draw and we were down to kings both times.

Everyone is impressed with his effort. Alex is now tired. Going to drive home and pick up his brothers to come visit.


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