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September 12, 2019

Day 4 (9/12/19): I woke up feeling pretty overwhelmed. I wasn’t taking many calls, responding to messages, or posting updates. House chores, work projects, and mom stuff have all been on my mind. I know I should try not to worry but all I’ve ever known is to be able to take care of everything. I cried on my way back to the hospital yesterday morning. In the car is the only time I permit myself too. Alexander needs smiles. Not tears.

Alexander had a procedure to repair the AV Fistula. An estimated 2 hr procedure was closer to 4hrs. A complex AV Fistula. He now has a blood clot in his bladder that is being monitored closely.

Alexander had a visit from his stepbrother Isiah yesterday evening after his procedure. I did my best to facilitate dialogue. I asked questions. Isiah answered. Alexander listened. Alexander also had a visit from his uncle, my brother, Mario. Mario is an engineer and was on a ship in Alaska when he received the news. Coast guard picked him up, he climbed down a rope ladder in the middle of the ocean to switch from his ship to that of the coast guard, ultimately catching a red eye flight back to Boston. He then drove here. My brother is my keeper.


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