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September 13, 2019 9:39pm

Day 5 (9/13/2019): We were joined by my cousins and my aunt today but Alex slept during their visit. Dialysis makes him tired. Soledad brought fresh baked goods made by her own hands. I ate the croissant and a piece of tart. How can I justly describe the flavor of love?

My linesister Carla came for a few hours too. She informed me of folks reaching out to her to support. Thank you all.

Alexander walked a few feet in the unit hallway before tiring and did amazing. He is sleeping for the night but with fever. They tell me his temp in celcius. I ask for Fahrenheit. 103.

Night gathers and now my watch begins.

(Pictures are from Wednesday, Yesterday and Today. Alexander was gifted a Nintendo Switch, 2 video games and extra controller from someone absolutely dear. Thank you a million times over to my dear former teacher/ colleague. He loves it. My brother brought a case to protect it and 2 additional games. My sister brought some amazing jigsaw and lego puzzles. Great way to pass the time and engage visitors in the healing process.)#FindADonorForAlex

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