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September 9, 2020 12:07 am

Sunday 9/8: Everybody please pray for my son Alex. We are in the ER going into ICU. His kidneys have shut down and he has pneumonia. He is only 11 years old. Please pray for my baby.

7pm Update on Monday 9/9 : Thank you everyone for your patience and for your prayers. Alexander has just gone into surgery to have two lines inserted- one for dialysis and one to take samples/monitor heartrate. Alexander and the team has worked hard to get his chemistry levels to a place where he can have surgery. We do not have any answers yet and are taking things one step at a time. Please continue to pray and thank you for your support.#FindADonorForAlex

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9/9/19 11:00pm update: Surgery took a little longer than anticipated but it went well. Alex has begun dialysis and the team at @ CCMC is taking good care of him. He is trying to get some rest and now so will I.#FindADonorForAlex

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