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1 month post transplant update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on Alex and for that I ask for your grace. We have been taking space to adjust to our new normal and are about 4 weeks into this post-transplant journey. His incision where they inserted the donor kidney is healing beautifully. There is a lot of medications he has to take on a regimented schedule. There are antirejection, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral medications as well as a few others to address the side effects of those mentioned.

We have surgery this morning to remove the hemodialysis catheter in his chest and the stent that connects the new kidney to his bladder. There has been some inflammation around the stent that is causing Alex discomfort. This is the last surgery (hopefully) for a very long time.

I woke up the littles at 5am to make sure we were on the road to Hartford by 6am. We had breakfast, picked up a coffee for myself from Starbucks and then hit the road. We listened to some upbeat music on a low volume. We caught the tail end of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. The topic was about how, during quarantine, there are more people who are having conversations with family members while using the bathroom. Alex and the littles thought it was pretty funny and giggled.

I dropped off the littles to a friend’s home where they will log in to school remotely. We are all checked in and waiting for surgery in the pre-op area. He is scheduled to start at 8:40 and surgery is expected to last about 70 minutes. Alex prefers to go under using the mask for anesthesia. They asked him what flavor gas he wanted and he opted for no flavor. He is not in the mood for pictures today. There is a piece of child’s art hanging on the wall in our bay. It looks like a whale. The child artist signed his name. Must be a good sign. His name is also Alex.

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